I don’t quite understand

I don’t quite get this blogging thing.  It seems like it’s like keeping a diary so that everyone else can read it!

This week is Spring break for another set of grandchildren.  It was nice the first two official break days (okay pretty windy, but at least the sun was out) and the rest of this week is a mess…to put it mildly…and I think I heard the weatherman say, “S-N-O-W”, last night!  And I took off work this week to boot!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon cleaning out my grandson’s dresser for old clothes that don’t fit anymore.  Yes, we keep a “stash” here so we don’t have to crate clothes back and forth each time someone wants to stay the night, my kids (their parents) don’t have to worry about it…they can just drop at grandma’s…and baking mini low-carb cheesecakes…mini is calling it mild!  I bought one of those micro-mini cupcake (tart) pans from one of the “you-go-to-it-selling-cookware parties that are supposed to be FUN”; I even bought the little wooden masher!  I believe that was like ten years ago and finally pulled it out yesterday!

Anyway, the micro cheesecakes probably would have turned out better had I not used the paper micro-mini cupcake holders I bought at Kroger.  What do you expect for my first time with these?  I could have used the almond flour “crust” mixture without the paper liner and probably just “moved” the crust up the sides of the cupcake tin more.  The almond flour didn’t harden up like a graham cracker crust, so maybe next time (it will be a little while…not ten years, but the recipe made like 48 so it will take me a little while to eat that many) I’ll bake the almond flour crust first and then fill the tarts with the cream cheese mixture.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Anyway, the cheesecake tarts came out pretty good.  They’re bite-sized so you can have two or three and feel like you’re really indulging.  In fact, I did last night with fresh blueberries!  I was in heaven (next to Mexican, my other great love is cheesecake)  I got the recipe from a site I just found and love, love, love!!! and just changed it (a tiny bit) to make the tarts instead of a full-fledged cheesecake.   http://yourlighterside.com/your-lighter-side-cookbook/.   (I hope you don’t mind me putting your link here as I think your site is absolutely a God-send to anyone doing a low-carb/gluten-free diet (like my daughters)).  This lady has some great ideas for making taco shells. The one other thing that I’ve missed on this diet, more than bread, more than mashed potatoes, more than french fries…chips and salsa, hard tacos, taco salad (with chips)…This is my plan for today!!!  oh, yeah, and laundry…

I need some stamina!

I’ve never wanted to post anything online.  PERIOD.  I hate posting on Facebook and only do it when I feel strongly about something.  And, I REALLY hated posting discussion posts in college courses.  But the funny thing is, I love to write and I don’t think I’m too bad at it.

My life is fairly boring.  Most everything I do revolves around my family…particularly adult kids and their kids…my grandchildren!  So, if you get tired of reading about kids, you might not want to read anything else that I post.

The past few weeks, Marty and I have had a little guest in our home…our 2-year-old grandson, “Superman”.  I put “Superman” in quotes because his middle name is actually Superman’s real name from his home planet…nope, not Clark…Caliel.  And I’m not even sure I’ve spelled it right, which is why I put in Superman…I know how to spell that!   Well, it’s been an experience let me tell you.  You can definitely tell Alex (1) has been an only child for his 2 years, (2) is used to playing with older cousins, (3) extremely headstrong, (4) loves to take his clothes off (and doesn’t want to put them back on), and (5) is the cutest little guy with blond hair and blue blue blue eyes!

I don’t know…at 54 all I can say is…I’m so glad I had my kids when I was young and had stamina!